"A way of life for everyone".

  • Sports and fitness motivation. A social network of positive goal driven people.
  • United we stand to elevate the world to a healthier lifestyle and sense of well being, by motivating the world in sports and fitness.
  • Never workout or practice your sport or fitness alone anymore, you are now in  a 'club of one.
  • Ironclub will also become one global "virtual" gym, workout, sports and activity center, where you also can use the Ironclub brand in your own gym or activity center, even your own private workout room or area.
  • We will also publish a database over gyms, activity&sports centers, personal trainers, life coaches and other athletes like yourself, so you easily can find your next workout partner to join and motivate you to next higher levels no matter where you are in the world.
  • Ironclub hikes (jernklubben)

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